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Chinese outrage over US-UK-Australia new security agreement form

Chinese outrage over US-UK-Australia new security agreement form

A diplomatic row has broken out over a new defense and security agreement form between Britain America and Australia the deal will deliver nuclear-powered submarines to the Australian navy to promote stability in the indo-pacific region which has come under increasing pressure from china Beijing said the security agreement form was extremely irresponsible here’s our defense correspondent Jonathan Beale Britain’s making its mark in the pacific the royal

navy’s new aircraft carrier has been flying the flag there on exercise with the u.s and allies proof of the increasing importance of the region and the focus for this new defense security agreement form t so what is the threat china is the rising power in the region not just an economic giant but a military one too its armed forces are modernizing it now has the world’s largest navy it staked its claim to oceans fortifying islands well outside its own

Chinese outrage over US-UK-Australia new security agreement form trendy news
Chinese outrage over US-UK-Australia new security agreement form trendyy news

territorial waters this new pact announced in a carefully choreographed appearance by the leaders of Australia the UK and us is all about china even though they didn’t mention it by name we all “We have seen the importance of ensuring peace and stability in the indo-pacific over the long term that requires us to be able to deal with current conditions in the

“region.” and how it could change with regard to which agreement will begin with the sharing of highly sensitive technology in Britain and the United States will help Australia to build “a fleet of new nuclear-powered though not nuclear-armed submarines the house will understand how Australia’s future possession of this capability will help to safeguard the peace and security of the indo-pacific so what’s the reaction this week London’s been hosting one of the world’s largest arms fairs where there’s fierce competition for lucrative

defense contracts the plan is to build this new fleet of submarines in Australia but the government here hopes it will boost Britain’s defense industry and create jobs but this wider defense pact has already angered both an ally in France and a powerful rival in the region France which had hoped to build the submarines has called the deal a stab in the

back but China sees it as more of threat cooperation between the united states the UK and Australia over nuclear submarines has seriously undermined regional peace and stability intensified the arms race and undermined international nuclear non-proliferation efforts the us might have led the exit from Afghanistan but this agreement shows it’s not turning its back on china’s growing influence in the pacific.

The french are unhappy with this agreement

Jonathan Beale our North America editor john spool Words. who is in Washington and the french are very unhappy about this uh Sophie I think this is the law of unintended consequences the the the people who signed this expected china to be angry they did not expect the seething furious reaction from the french look there was meant to be this huge garland dinner this weekend to celebrate 240 years of the french assisting the war of

independence for the united states and a french frigate is moored in Baltimore harbor the head of the french navy has come over and they have said we’re not going ahead with any of this that is how angry we are the french and Americans have fallen out over foreign

policy before the invasion of Iraq but this is a most undiplomatic row one senior source has suggested to me maybe the french hope they’re gonna get some kind of reward from the Americans because of this slight the french had been hoping to sell diesel-powered submarines to the Australians that sale has fallen through now as a result of this and as a result, it’s the french you’ve got nuclear johns opal in Washington thank you

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