Is China a friend or foe to the United States?


Is China a friend or foe to the United States?

China a friend or foe to the United States: Maria welcome back growing maria: welcome back growing tensions with china from tiktok privacy concerns to the Chinese by building. despite this u.s. china trade hit a record in 2022 can the u.s. into its economic dependence on communist china join me in talking more about that former u.s. trade representative Robert lighter? it’s great to see you thank you

very much for being here this weekend. >> maria thank you for having me always a pleasure to be with you. maria: I want to ask the decoupling question you’ve talked a lot about the reliance that the united states have on china. I’m talking about the supply chain we are reliant on communist china for things like prescription drugs and

technology can we decouple and should we be decoupling from china maria I call for strategic decoupling I’m not saying don’t do business with china but I’m saying do smart business and balance business, let’s take a step back any one of your listeners has to say is china a friend neutral or a foe if you study the

evidence in the last four or five years it would be very difficult to conclude anything but an unfriendly force and a massive one when they could have a bigger economy than we do. they want to be number one in the world they want their system to prevail in the world and the united states is in the way of

that we need a policy of strategic decoupling. to me, that means you put in place tariffs and you adjust them so you get the balance trade, so you don’t have any trade in the technology no technology interdependence. three you have to be careful and monitor their investment in the united states which is generally in order to get

Is China a friend or foe to the United States?
China a friend or foe to the United States.

our data or technology and yet to be very careful and regulate all u.s. investments going to china because that generally is in their interest. I think you do it over time and you do it smartly and you still sell your act products and buy the things that make sense economically and you have a balanced relationship unrelated

to technology. I think we have to cross the bridge and do that and anyone who doesn’t understand is failing in the job as an American official. maria: I want to get your take on the favorite nation status when it comes to trade why does china have the most favored nation status when in fact they are doing all

of these things and they are exposing them as hostile surveillance balloons and intellectual property, decade after decade. not to mention covid-19 and a cover-up millions of Americans are dead can we change the nation’s status and should we be changing it? absolutely let’s take another step back if I can what is the most favored nation

there are two lists of tariffs byproduct a high list in what we call the most favored nation list which is quite low, for years in the united states in a variety of reasons the congress every year could take away from china the low tariffs, the most favored
nation tariffs and impose on nation tariffs and impose on them the

higher tears china had the benefit of lower tears but no certainty to keep them, the year 2000 we do vote in the united states it was led by president clinton and in fairness, a lot of republicans and their view but have more trade with china let’s give certainty to the relationship but have low tariffs with them and

then they will become a democracy and become like Switzerland that was one of the worst calculations and worst decisions made in the last 100 years in the geopolitical position of the united states. maria: they went the other way they went more inward it was totally predictable. by the way, in 1997 I wrote a new york times article

that predicted what way they were going to go. for sure we ought to repeal permanent normal trade relations we think of it as mfn for sure we ought to repeal it but in addition, we had put tariffs on china in order to get the trade deficit 20. we cannot have an adversary and one who is increasingly

hostile and threatening to us and have a gigantic trade deficit with them. it’s fair to say as president trump used to say that we have rebuilt china, let me give you this number about $6 trillion in trade surplus to them in the last 20 years, $6 trillion. it is shocking and I say people might’ve misunderstood ten years

ago they might’ve been influenced by businesses and the like ten years ago, no rational person, and now look at the situation and not see what was coming. maria: that is incredible in terms of the amount of money and leeway that the cup has been able to get and then you have wall street years funding the expansion of the

cap by investing in companies that may be tied to the military which at some point might turn their guns on America. look at it’s important to know there are state-owned enterprises as you say but no truly private enterprises at all. you look at the government has sales and almost all of the industry. the state and Also Read :

the so-called private. one of the private businessmen gets out of line disappears and comes back with a different attitude. even u.s. companies operating over there monitor themselves very careful not to do anything inconsistent with what they’re told to do by the cup. maria: that is a scary situation I wish western companies would understand these are national security.

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