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Carlos Santana fainted from dehydration during a performance today

Carlos Santana fainted from dehydration during a performance

Carlos Santana fainted from dehydration: Fans of legendary musician Carlos Santana were deeply concerned when the artist had a medical emergency on stage the scene unfolded earlier tonight at the pine knob music theater just outside of Detroit apparently in the middle of his set when he was about five songs in something that looked off to fans in the crowd Santana backed up and sat

down just in front of the drums and then could be seen briefly collapsing a bunch of crew members including medics ran on stage to begin addressing this emergency obviously fans in the crowd were deeply worried about Santana but the good news is he could be seen waving to fans who were clapping as he was being taken

off the stage now he was transported to a nearby medical facility we have a statement in from representatives for Carlos Santana which reads as follows rock legend carlos Santana was overtaken by heat exhaustion and dehydration during a concert Tuesday, July 5th evening in Michigan the guitar great was taken from his show at pine knob music theater formerly

Carlos Santana fainted from dehydration during a performance trendy news
Carlos Santana fainted from dehydration during a performance trendy news

dte energy music theater an outdoor amphitheater in Clarkston some 40 miles northwest of Detroit Michigan Carlos was taken to the emergency department at McLaren Clarkston for observation and is doing well it was announced by Santana’s manager Michael versions tonight the show for tomorrow July 6th at the pavilion at star lake in burgess town pa will be postponed

to a later date more details to follow through live nation Mr. Michael versions added sending our best wishes out to Santana again he is currently out on the road wishing him a speedy recovery if you’d like to see tour dates for upcoming shows for Santana you can visit

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