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Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor detained in China

Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were detained in China

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor: The surprise announcement on a Friday night news the country had been waiting for right now this Friday night Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are on a plane and they’re coming home after and 1020 days in Chinese detention there will not be a day one thousand and twenty-one these two men have been through an unbelievably difficult situation but it is inspiring and it is good news for all of us that they

are on their way home to their families the Michaels boarded a plane around 7 30 eastern time at roughly the same time that mong wan zhou was flying away from Canada they were accompanied by Canada’s ambassador to China who had been meeting with u.s officials trying to secure just this moment I want to once again highlight the incredible work done by so many diplomats

starting with our ambassador to china Dominic barton diplomats and officials who have worked incredibly hard and put in the hours necessary to get to this positive outcome I know all Canadians are happy to know that they’re coming home tonight it comes after a day of total silence from the prime minister’s office unwilling to take even basic questions about the plea agreement Hmong had reached with u.s prosecutors the stakes so high the timing so sensitive silence was the best option until the all-clear about 12 minutes ago the aircraft carrying Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor left Chinese airspace and they’re on

their way home and David what do you make of the timing of this announcement yeah three points on timing the point the prime minister just had in his last clip there that 12 minutes ago they cleared Chinese airspace that was when they knew they were outside of china’s authority china’s ability to detain them again turn that plane back the the the ordeal of the Michaels was officially over at that moment and they were clear to come home the timing of their release this agreement being done within minutes hours of mong wang zhou

securing her agreement with u.s prosecutors and being allowed to leave Canada after the extradition request was dropped just proves to the critics of china that this was in fact hostage diplomacy china had argued all along that the detention of Micheal kovrig and Micheal Spavor was not connected to the Hmong arrest the events of today really show that to not be true and also the timing of the election coming just days after the election

campaign ended with the Monday night vote here in Canada I’m told by Canadian government officials this is just pure coincidence they’ve been working on this for over a thousand days and this was as long as it took because they’ve been deploying a strategy of getting support from allies around the world to pressure china but also directly pressuring the white house to try to get them to cut a deal with mong wang zhou to make this sort of an exchange possible tonight Joe Biden delivered Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor is on their way back to Canada.#Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor

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The potential impact of Michael Spavor’s sentence

let’s return to our top story tonight Canadian Michael spaver was found guilty of espionage in china his sentence 11 years a fine roughly equal to 10 000 Canadian and deportation to help us understand what this means for Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor let’s bring in ben Rosewell a former Canadian diplomat and president of the Canadian international council and tonight he’s in Prince Edward island uh first of all your reaction to the verdict and sentence tonight well this is a very long story, uh it’s been developing for a long time i do think we’ve got quite a few chapters uh still to go it has become this the abiding uh

issue of our foreign policy in these days um and I don’t think anyone expected that either in the china relationship to become so poisonous uh over these uh detentions or uh for frankly a consular issue to become so dominant and so divisive in uh in Canada no matter what happens uh to Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor I do think that Canadian foreign policy and particularly our foreign policy towards the second most powerful country in the world will never be the same again so drawing on your long experience as a diplomat and

somebody that studies diplomacy now what sort of options does Canada have here so Canada’s got to look at the breadth of its relationship with uh with china I mean this is the country that’s reshaping the world uh as it as it grows it’s testing out its relationship with uh with other countries um and while we focus on the immediate goal of getting the two Michaels home safe and sound and sparing the life of robin Schellenberg and protecting any future Canadians who might run afoul of the regime in uh in Beijing I do think we have to

play the long game um china is sort of testing out its new relationship with the rest of the world now that it’s become so powerful and everyone recognizes it’s eventually going to be the top economic country maybe challenge the united states militarily at some point we could look at this chapter of the detentions and the two Michaels as one area where china tested its limits and in fact, I think found some pretty um serious pushback not just from Canada but from this coalition of countries that came together we saw them today at the

the trial of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor representatives of 25 countries who went all the way to this the obscure town of dan dong to show their support for Canadians and in fact for any citizen of any country in the world living and operating in China to make the message back to the Beijing regime this should never ever happen again.


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