Buffalo bills to hit the ground going for walks vs. Steelers in new Week

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Buffalo bills to hit the ground going for walks vs. Steelers in Week 1

we may not be printing a little towel there may not be pretty early juju smith Schuster told me earlier this week how much different this offense is going to be under matt Canada the formations. The shifts the kinds of things that you talk about the things that create uncertainty for defense don’t just line up in predictable sets and let them know what

you’re doing before you even do it now ben Rothenberg is still doing that thing with his foot when he’s in shotgun formation that shows whether or not it’s a pass or a run we’ll see if the bills take advantage of that can the steelers though I mean it’s a shame that they have to start off this new era in buffalo but can this new offensive line protect big ben against

what the bills can do defensively I think they can you know I think you know there’s a double kind of a double-edged sword there yeah we want to see this new offensive line with the steelers right hopefully first off it doesn’t become like what you’re talking about mike just pass past pass and then within the predictability of the past we know exactly we’re going to throw that doesn’t seem going to be the case from what I saw in the

Buffalo bills to hit the ground going for walks vs. Steelers in new Week
Buffalo bills vs. Steelers in Week 1

preseason and of course in that game big ben played preseason game two against the Detroit lions it was a different look of the offense and I think there is going to be that run element that should help the offense align with pass protection you know and I think the other side of that that double-edged sword that I was trying to get to too is hey we got

question marks about the bills pass rush too how good are they going to be you know we don’t know it’s one that certainly doesn’t like hasn’t jumped out to us the last few years now they’ve added some pieces to that you know defensive line through the um the draft and of course, they got you to know a few guys that are young that are

now getting a little older and matured can they start to you know come to the top here and really be a force past rushing uh as far as getting after the quarterback so I think you got a little bit of both there to where you go let’s evaluate and see but I do expect the Steelers to be a different team on offense and to see a little bit more of a dominant

the physical offensive line for sure Gregory Rousseau is the first-round pick of the building I know I’m big on him we’ll see what he can do he did well in the preseason he’ll be chasing big ben around most likely at some point on Sunday what about the bill’s offense do you expect it to pick up where it left off I expect josh Allen to pick up where he left off so i

guess the answer for me is yes yeah I’m with you too you know I think that’s one of those things where like we look at it to where you know that last year wasn’t a one-hit-wonder josh Allen’s a superstar everybody get used to it and I think it only just you know emboldens him and them to just have the confidence to go wait we can do this and we can

play this way and we can be better you know they’re going to be able to add more offense you know to do different things on the offensive side of the ball but I do I expect it to hit the ground running it’s a tough matchup for I think the steelers right off the bat to start the year I mean just to you know you’re starting defense to go out there have to defend josh Allen all the different past concepts they have you know of course it’s the new England offense.

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