Britney Spears’ father Jamie to step down as conservator Big News

Britney Spears' father Jamie to step down as conservator Big News

Britney Spears’ father Jamie to step down as conservator Big NEWS

Britney Spears’s father is to step down from the legal role of overseeing the pop star’s finances not immediately though last month MS spears launched a bid to remove Jamie spears as conservator claiming the agreement controlling her life and career was

abusive Mr. spears has been responsible for his daughter’s estate since 2008. entertainment journalist kg. Matthews says the move isn’t as straightforward as it seems it’s like anything else you have to read the fine print you know a lot of the people in the free

Brittany movement were elated when they heard today that her father Jamie spears was going to step down from his role as co-conservator particularly over her finances but what they didn’t realize is that he said he would only step down when there is a smooth transition in other words yes eventually he will step down but not right now the next hearing is September the 29th uh

Britney attorney had filed paperwork to try to rush the hearing and speed it up so to speak have it a little bit earlier however the judge said no i think the next hearing what they’ll have to do is all come together and decide kind of what the next step is um

Britney Spears' father Jamie to step down as conservator Big News
Britney’s father Jamie to step down as conservator Big News

immediately she wants to have her father uh taken off of being her co-conservator but ultimately remember Britney want this conservatorship after 13 years to end that’s her ultimate goal recently it’s been on earth that the attorney another attorney uh

the judge in the case is now receiving death threats on twitter so now we have the local sheriff’s department looking into that so there’s so much weirdness in this case and so many different angles at play we’ll just have to see what happens and take step by

step but you know these things take time you don’t just end the conservatorship especially when you haven’t had a psychiatric evaluation there’s so many things at play that even if the conservatorship were to end it probably will not be immediately and it might not even be this year.

Britney Spears’ Mom REACTS to Dad Agreeing to Step Down as Conservator

Britney Spears' father Jamie to step down as conservator Big News
Britney’s Mom REACTS to Dad Agreeing to Step Down as Conservator

It is honestly a happy day for Britney’s mom Lynne this is only a groundbreaking day who’s speaking out after the ultra-modern replace in her daughter’s ongoing conservatorship battle on Thursday Brittany’s legal professional confirmed to get that her father and conservator Jamie spears is inclined to completely step down what he is pronouncing in what he simply follows in court

is that he is willing to step down inside the satisfactory interests of Britney however he desires to speak to all the parties and he wants to get a plan in area to ensure it is executed in a what he calls first rate way this is excellent for Britney spears now

Lynn is reacting in a declaration obtained via  her lawyer tells us quote Lynn spears is thrilled Jaime has agreed to step down Lynn entered into this conservatorship to guard her daughter almost 3 years ago she has carried out what she set out to do she will

haven’t any further comment things have without a doubt heated up among Jamie and Lynn spears and it is getting quite nasty in the modern-day court filing Jamie spears sincerely attacked line spears for announcing quote false statements about him and um

he is absolutely going after her no longer only as a person in terms of what she said however additionally claiming that she’s been a horrible mother all of those

years and on the on vice versa Lynn spears has said the equal aspect about Jamie that he is been a terrible father so what is the truth is the query with Jamie it is important to note that whilst he’s agreed to step down as conservator he is not resigning consistent with tams court docket files filed by way of Jaime say in part quote there are in fact no actual grounds for postponing or

disposing of Mr. spears as conservator of the estate though at the same time as Mr. spears is the unremitting target of unjustified attacks he does not accept as true with that a public warfare along with his daughter over his continuing provider as her

conservator would be in her excellent hobbies Jaime says that he will work with Britney’s- new attorney Matthew Rosengard so there may be a quote orderly transition to a new conservator there’s no current timeline for that transition at spoke with Rosengard

in July much less than two weeks ago we pledged that once thirteen years of the reputation quo my company and I would flow aggressively and expeditiously to report a petition to suspend and get rid of James p spears in court docket docs obtained by way of at that equal month line said she became a participant in Britney’s conservatorship in May 2019 to quote make certain that the

whole lot in my daughter’s life turned into handled within the pleasant pastimes of my daughter the conservative which I did no longer consider at the time and I nonetheless do not today to be the case Lynn additionally alleges that Jaime has used quote

microscopic manipulate over Brittany and says her ex-husband is quote incapable of putting Britney’s pursuits beforehand of his very own as for what’s next well appears the spears circle of relatives is going to ought to come collectively so what Jamie spears is

looking in terms of subsequent steps is for all of the interested parties uh worried in this Britney spears attorney line spears to get together and sort of have a dialogue in terms of what the subsequent step should be.

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