Boris Johnson Plans to Resign as UK Prime Minister today

Boris Johnson Plans to Resign as UK Prime Minister

Boris Johnson Plans to Resign: Boris Johnson will resign this is according to an official before that it was according to Bloomberg sources now what’s happening according to the people on the ground also we have a fantastic live blog following really blow-by-blow what’s happening in the drama at the moment that’s UK politics saying that the usual number 10 meeting resulted in johnson’s core

team telling him he had to go and then according to uh of course a brilliant reporter at the mirror saying that not only is he resigning but actually his letter has been prepared the pound is just hitting a session high as a headline across the Bloomberg terminal Boris Johnson planning to resign as British prime minister now for

more we’re joined from downing street by our very own Lizzie burden Lizzie I mean everything seems to be going much quicker than expected does he resign in the next couple of hours [Music] yes uh well the cars are moving we’re expecting the podium you’re hearing reports from downing street sources that the prime minister is preparing to call

it a day at downing street it seems that the letter from the chancellor newly appointed chancellor Nadim Zahari was enough to push him to his limit the resignations had mounted it was more than almost a third of the government had quit their jobs because of johnson’s integrity over the chris pincher affairs handling the cost of living crisis

the party gate scandal it had all been building and the government was paralyzed so johnson it seems can do it no longer what would be the next options well he could in his speech say that he’s going to set out a timeline for the leadership elections in the same way that his predecessor Teresa made it or he could leave

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Boris Johnson Plans to Resign as UK Prime Minister trendy news
Boris Johnson Plans to Resign as UK Prime Minister trendy news

immediately and hand over to a caretaker prime minister we expect it would be Dominic rob the deputy prime minister who has remained loyal but for now, finally it appears that it’s curtains for Boris Johnson very early yeah we’re just getting some breaking news lizzie and it’s quite difficult to of course you know verify everything but this is

according um to the pa agency saying a new tory leader is said to be in place by October at the party conference so I don’t know whether we could see an election very quickly or whether they need to wait for the summer recess to talk us through the process there well it’s an internal process that the conservatives will

Boris Johnson Plans to Resign Boris Johnson Plans to Resign 

choose their own next leader and remember in the past it has been extremely heated remember uh Boris Johnson sacked Michael gove uh yesterday it was a surprise but part of that has been seen as revenge for when gov sabotaged it was seen Boris Johnson’s own leadership ambitions back in 2016. there are lots of runners and riders in

the field one of them Nadeem Zahari the chancellor but the question is has the tarnished his own reputation now by being the one that has potentially pushed Boris Johnson to the edge, uh there’s also the chance the former chancellor rishi sunk he was seen as the golden boy for a long time but then his own reputation was

tarnished by the scandal over his wife’s tax affairs his handle of the cost of living crisis he too has quit he’s on the back benches he could potentially organize leadership but there’s the foreign secretary Liz trust she’s kept very quiet in recent days uh perhaps she will be the one but this is where the attention turns to

next who will be the next leaderĀ 

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