Bitcoin has seen a perfect bounce along the exact level of support that i was talking about just yesterday once again in yesterday’s video i was basically saying that bitcoin in the short term is becoming a little bit overheated we are due for a little bit of a short term cool off and in just a moment i’ll be getting into my next bitcoin price targets where i think bitcoin will be heading next and in this video i will be revealing proof that wales are accumulating bitcoin right now the bitcoin millionaires are stacking as much bitcoin at the current prices as they possibly can so what do they know that we don’t in just a moment i will be covering that once again and also towards the end of this video i will be talking about the stock market reaching into new all-time highs i’ll be explaining exactly what that means for bitcoin and crypto in general all that and more in this video so make sure you’re watching to the end so that you’re not missing out on all of this important information and if that sounds good to you just before we jump into it make sure to leave a like on the video down below and if you’re new to the channel you might as well subscribe to the channel with notifications turned on for more videos like this one and also if you like these updates every single day here on the channel you might as well share them around with your friends as well because seriously right now we are in an amazing opportunity in the crypto markets considering the fact that we are still quite a bit down from the all-time highs .

  We are just beginning this nice momentum shift to the upside so there’s never been a better time to stay active in these markets and share these videos but anyway with all of that out the way let’s get straight to what this video is about so right here we’re going to start off on the bitcoin us dollar chart on the four hour time frame and quickly recapping yesterday’s video basically towards these levels just up here i was basically saying in the immediate short term i do actually expect a little bit of a cool off here for bitcoin in fact i exactly said that it would be very unlikely for bitcoin to continue pumping straight to the upside over the next one to two days considering the fact that we were running into this huge resistance range right here and also we were in these overbought areas on the four-hour rsi as you can see just there but as i explained yesterday i wouldn’t expect any sort of massive crash just a slight little cool off from these areas and in fact when bitcoin was up towards forty thousand us dollars i gave you guys an exact price target of thirty six and a half thousand us dollars yesterday and now the bitcoin price has come back down to literally that exact price and gotten the perfect bounce along that level so if that’s not enough reason to subscribe i don’t know what is but yeah getting into my next bitcoin price targets anyway well first of all this level right here is still a level that we need to be paying attention to in the short term once again that’s 36.5 000 us dollars because of course it’s not impossible for bitcoin to break back below that level i thought i should make that clear even though that is a decent amount of support here in the short term it is still possible that we can break below that level and if that’s the case of course we need to see confirmation if we are breaking an important level so for the new viewers on the channel what i mean by confirmation is either a big spike in volume as we’re breaking the level.


 If we can see a retest of the level just like this to the downside where we confirm that level as resistance something like that is usually confirmation of a break of a certain level once again those confirmations can be used if we’re going to the downside or to the upside but yeah if we do break that level i would actually be targeting towards 34.5 k but considering the fact that on the four hour time frame we are in an uptrend we are clearly in an uptrend on the four-hour time frame once again technically speaking it’s more likely that the price will continue on this uptrend and start breaking into higher prices or at very least actually hit this red zone once again by the way this red zone is ranging from 40 000 to 42 000 us dollars and for you new viewers on the channel that’s nothing new here for the subscribers out there because the subscribers that have been around for a couple months now i’ve actually been talking about that exact red zone for over two months now because as you can see throughout this entire time period over the past couple of months this has actually been massive resistance for bitcoin and as i’ve said this entire time just here i would actually flip really bullish again on bitcoin if we can start seeing a confirmed break above 42 000 us dollars that is the top of this red zone just here so right now of course we have not seen that just yet so there isn’t really a reason to be overly bullish just yet because we haven’t really confirmed a daily uptrend when you’re looking on the daily time frame we’re still really waiting to break into a brand new higher high here on the daily time frame and actually finally break out of this range just here but we’re at a stage in the market now where basically if we’re going to break well below 30 000 us dollars and really confirm a major new downtrend into the 20 000 that would have likely already happened over the past two months once again.

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