Bette Midler was slammed by trans activists for saying today trendy news

Bette Midler was slammed by trans activists for saying women ‘stripped’ their name

Bette Midler was slammed: Bette Midler has been called out for voicing her opinion on her riot as a female the iconic actress has been heavily active online calling for women’s rights and even addressing America’s failure on gun control today however she called on women in what has been a very turbulent few weeks she tweeted women of the world we are being stripped of

our rights over our bodies our lives and even our name they don’t call us women anymore they call us birthing people or menstruators and even people with vaginas don’t let them erase you every human on earth owes you but her message was met with criticism from people who felt she wronged the trans community one person wrote bet

as a fan saying this tweet from you is just heartbreaking the point of the anti-choice movement is to try and control the bodies of people assigned female at birth including trans men and force gender identities and gender roles on all of us another wrote i’ll bet trans people and those who love and support them have no problem

with the term or concept of women we’re just after inclusive language when appropriate and needed to ensure often vulnerable people are included and protected it ain’t hard again but you started your career in bath houses and were at like the first prides you should know better than this tweet which demonises trans people for no reason finally really

Bette Midler was slammed trendy news
Bette Midler was slammed trendy news

disappointed in this as a trans man and a bet midler fan bet including trans men in the conversation about reproductive health does not harm women we have the same organs and even greater vulnerability as cis women this comes on the 4th of july America’s day of independence which has been wildly polarizing this year while it usually marks

the day of celebration it has been boycotted by a lot of women who believe after the supreme court’s decision to overturn roe v wade there isn’t much to celebrate a few days ago the new york times wrote a piece titled the far right and the far left agree on one thing women don’t count it details similar things

to what Bette Midler has been called out for how the far-right stance on abortion is stripping women of their reproductive rights but the far left stance has perhaps unintentionally been met with misogynistic agenda it reads but today a number of academics uber progressives transgender activists civil liberties organizations and medical organizations are working towards an opposite end to

deny women their humanity reducing them to a mix of body parts and gender stereotypes it continues the word women has become verboten previously a commonly understood term for half the world’s population the word had a specific meaning tied to genetics biology history politics and culture no longer in its place are unwieldy terms like pregnant people menstruators and

bodies with vaginas can you blame the sisterhood for feeling a little nervous for wincing at the presumption of acquiescence for worrying about the broader implications for wondering what kind of message we are sending to young girls about feeling good in their bodies pride in their sex and the prospects of womanhood for essentially seeding to another backlash women

didn’t fight this long and this hard only to be told we couldn’t call ourselves women anymore this isn’t just a semantic issue it’s also a question of moral harm and a front to our very sense of ourselves 

Bette Midler was slammed Bette Midler was slammed Bette Midler was slammed

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