Best options for healthy takeaway food

Best options for healthy takeaway food trendy

Best options for healthy takeaway food

Boom it’s a question i ask a lot of people because i ask people random questions when i’m bored what is your Best options for healthy takeaway food like you can never ever get another takeaway again all right that’s your first question question number two what is your order you can never change that order for the rest of your life what one is it because i’m in an absolute fight in my head i’ve got Chinese like

shooting and then i’ve got india like with its pitchforks firing out Chinese people and then a little pizza in the middle like anyway hi everyone and welcome back to my channel hope you’re all doing well i sound like money may and that is a complete copy because i don’t say those words i thought i’d do my video on today is something about clearly the first question that i’ve asked you takeaways hey the best thing in human history is world that created the world now before i even get into this i love taking like

picture this friday night you’re chilling you just had a long week you’re about to get film ready and then one of your mates goes or like your parents like that it’s always best when a parent says we’re just gonna take her out take away she’ll just get taken away

think about it for the next five hours can we get stuffed crest crap and then you order it and then you get the text set they’re on the way and then you just like running around the house waiting for it i remember one time at uni i was so hungover. i want to talk about is the in famous one of them

Chinese FOOD healthy takeaway food
Chinese FOOD healthy takeaway food

Chinese FOOD

 The best one really the Chinese FOOD and it is because most of the stuff is very processed blah blah i’m just gonna say it quite straightforward the things you should avoid if you are looking to have a reduced amount of calories is stuff like fried foods the battered foods so fried foods and bad foods if you think straight away something like sweet and

the sour chicken you’ve already got your you’ve got a battered chicken there which has been fried and then put into a very light i don’t know what the sauce is you know what i mean so as you can understand that’s quite a lot of calories something like the salt and pepper chips and chicken-like battered fried like do you know what i mean so we’re in that kind of vibe and you know what i mean

by that you can get the fried rice that’s fried so you’ve got getting calories from all the oil and oil has obviously got a lot of calories in there so what i can hopefully try and switch you into doing is going for meals and sauces that are slightly lighter so stuff like

black bean sauces and you can get ones that are like cashew and like ginger one basically, they’re still processed and they’re not all fresh and real in there but they are lower calories so it’s better to go for that kind of stuff and obviously like plain chicken rather than like battered and fried and all that also stuff like prawn crackers it’s like a little disc put in oil like soaks up all

the oil and then becomes hell prawn crackers aren’t that big soaks up the oil and becomes this big so like you’re having an oil cracker you know what I mean that’s just what i’m trying to say so what we’re gonna swap is i worked out what a sweet and sour chicken is with egg fried rice and prawn crackers and it came to about 2 500 calories if you don’t want to switch that round to

chicken and black bean sauce we think i did that with boiled rice and then i did it with some like steamed gaios of things uh and that came to about 750 calories but it should be about 7000 and that’s what’s nice about having a takeaway you’re still having like

a bit more calories and you’re still indulging a bit but you can get it from 3 000 to about a thousand you know what i mean number two.

Best options for healthy takeaway food
Indian FOOD healthy takeaway food

Indian FOOD

 we’ve got Indian foood ah i am a for a curry oh i love them so things with curries you would mainly want to avoid sort of creamy based sauces so sort of like butter chickens corners things that are you can just tell you could just see the oil and the way that i always know how much oil and butter and stuff is in it is if you don’t finish it in the night which is quite rare then you put it in the fridge and then you may have the next day but then when you take it out the fridge it’s just got like a layer of hard like or like it just

solidifies and it’s just like oh my god buttery kind of oily cream based one so you can always see if it will say like cream based or whatever like milky base there are higher end calories than what that’s that and again with fried rice you can get pilar rice and stuff again that’s fried and oil so obviously the calories will be a bit higher in that and then stuff like naans naans are pretty much

bread covered in butter fried like they’re amazing but they’re higher in calories obviously on your barbies like fried if you did want a healthier alternative you can go for tomato-based dishes and what i like about curries is a lot of the curries are tomato based so like lunas patios you can get stuff like that so you can there’s a lot of smarter-based ones which are always nice and again going

for like oil dry and chapati chapatis are so nice so the tripetties are like wraps but they’re like indian kind of wraps they’re like really decent if you don’t want to have the naan and the big bready bit so what we’ve swapped here is a butter chicken meal with uh i’m gonna be butter chicken with peanut rice and a garlic naan and this came to about 1500 i think just a little bit under 2 000

and then i swapped that for a booner with boiled rice and chapatis and that came to about 800 900. obviously when i looked at this um the rice was like a full pack of rice so i don’t know if everyone would have a full pack of rice or whatever i’m just trying to give you a kind of idea okay so that is that .

American burgers fOOD

now we’re going on to burgers and sort of american style so burgers i love getting a down burger but again there are healthier alternatives that you can do if you did want a burger but you didn’t want the full burger so if you’re gonna get a beef burger so

normal always look for maybe get my flame-grilled one because it just means it has a flame grill is where it sits on the grill and then there’s like fire underneath it and then the fat drips down so it’s not like sitting in its fat like in a pan if that makes sense so

you can kind of lose a bit more fat from that which can make it slightly healthier obviously oh if you’re going for chicken obviously grilled over buttermilk so what i looked at here was Cornwall burger kitchen and i got butter chip no butter chicken so i got buttermilk just standard buttermilk chicken burger which was about 700 calories i think that was wrong i might not be wrong but

I’d maybe think of a little bit more actually no just for the burger yeah 700 calories and then for a naked beef it was about 350 and then for a grilled chicken it was about 500 so you’re saving about three 400 calories there on getting grilled or getting the chicken

one instead then obviously you’ve got your chips you can’t you can’t really change the chip can’t get like grilled chips or like air frying chips you know what i mean so yeah all i want to say on chips is that sweet potato chips aren’t any healthier like that just sweet potato do you know i mean like there’s no difference but i i suddenly prefer them so okay .

Nando food

so now we’re on to Nando’s now something like Nando’s and piri piri stuff i actually just want to throw in i feel i’ve got um some healthy sort of takeaway ideas that they at the end of this video but Nando’s to me is literally one of the most healthiest one of the

healthiest takeaways i think you could get all just if you’re going out for a meal if you’re going to pick anywhere to go i would say

Nando’s could be one of the most healthy i don’t even know if that’s the way to say it anyway she’s just fresh chicken and then whatever you want with it so that’s where you come into it so if you want your fresh chicken if you want it in a wrap then fine having a wrap obviously the healthiest would just be to have it i think the butterfly chicken is the best one because it’s just chicken

breasts the thighs have a bit more fat on them you know what i mean kind of vibes like that wraps pitters burgers obviously bread so you’re going to have a little bit more calories in there but again that is fine and then it’s when you’re looking at the size so it’s

the chips and getting like the when you get two sides you’re getting two chips you kind of think about those kind of stuff if you do want to reduce your calories but Nando’s i feel like is very easy anyway that’s Nando’s .

 healthy takeaway food
McDonalds food healthy takeaway food

McDonald’s Food

we’ve now got McDonald’s this one was quite hard because there’s not that much of McDonald’s you can get that’s not ridiculous like if you’re going to McDonald’s you’re going to get what you want from McDonald’s you’re not going to go to McDonald’s and go healthy like there’s no point so i did i did just want to put this one in but it’s just stuff like there’s quite obvious ones like the wrap

so i looked at the wraps and you can get like a chili chicken wrap which is the breaded fried chicken which are stuck they’re about five six hundred calories for the wrapped chicken wrap or you can get like the grilled chicken wraps which are about three to four

hundred calories so obviously the different stuff like the big macs 550 calories if you then went like the wraps basically there’s obviously got salads there but like what the hell and what you need to remember about McDonald’s is not all the stuff is that high

calorie so you can get like the chicken burger i think a mayo chicken is like 350. it’s not gonna fill you up like you’re gonna end up having wanting more than that and then you have chips as so something i even saw this the large chips is 500 calories so if you’re

getting a big mac so 550 calories plus large chips another 500 calories you’re on a thousand and in all honesty if i had that i’m not gonna be full or if i’m full there i’ll be hungry in about an hour and i’ll probably want something else do you know what i mean so yeah. …….

healthy takeaway food healthy takeaway food healthy takeaway food healthy takeaway food healthy takeaway food 

Subway Food

 subway so subway i wouldn’t say this nice and simple like they actually have the calories on the thing whenever i go in fair enough so if you want to get subway i’d always say go for the lean kind of meat so more like the chicken and the turkey rather than like

the salamis and stuff for example if we’re gonna swap a italian bmt this is a thousand calories for a foot long if you’re gonna swap

that for a turkey and ham a turkey hound was about six hundred five six hundred so just an example there and then obviously they have salads which are actually really decent subway salad’s good it’s like really big then

Domino’s Pizza

 pizza wow i was shocked at this i always knew pizza was like a lot but freaking hell so i looked at domino’s and i looked at just like a standard pepperoni pizza from domino’s for a large which is i think right if it’s 10 slices and that’s even worse but i think i i’ve

calculated this as eight slices eight large slices and it is three it’s like 380 calories or 360 calories per large slice and then when you have that as a basically end up as 3 400 calories just for the large pizza that is so much and then this is one of the shocking this

part is that the garlic and herb dips have about 500 calories per one i think the large one the big one has like a thousand it’s something ridiculous i can’t really remember but it’s something crazy anyway so if you wanted to go for a healthy alternative and

you wanted pizza then you can get a thin version at domino’s but that is still i looked at the same thing so a thin pepperoni was i think like 2 100 calories there’s still 2 000 still quite a lot of calories but it’s less than obviously 3 400. but they’re not but then like

they found that if you get a pizza express pepperoni that was a thousand so you’re getting obviously it’s different but instead if you still want it just if you just wanted to take away pizza then go for pizza express it probably needs you a bit more than domino’s

does and yeah so you’re going for a thousand pizza express or you’re getting 3500 maybe even 4 000 if you’re going for the dips and then you get the cookies and then you get chicken strips with it oh my god that would be such an easy 10 000 calorie challenge and we’re gonna finally end on the last two one of them was. ….healthy takeaway food

Wagamama Food healthy takeaway food
Wagamama Food healthy takeaway food

Wagamama Food

 just wagga mama so i wanted to chuck this in because a lot of people get Wagamama on delivery or a lot of people just go to agama so Wagamama has a big range so again like i talked about with the Chinese looking like getting more grilled sort of steamed

kind of foods rather than fried so it sounds like the fried gaiosas um compared to the steamed fried ones have like 400 calories of whether whereas the steam ones have about 200 to 10 stuff like that and then obviously stuff like fried so you’ve got the katsu

curry which is fried chicken the rice and the sauce that is about a thousand one hundred i think or like twelve hundred something like that compared to something like a ramen which is like fresh chicken raw really fresh vegetables and that and that’s about 500.

so you just got to think about that stuff you can literally apply that to anything so looking at maybe not getting something that’s deep fried maybe looking at getting something that’s grilled basically fry stuff that’s got oil like oil has a lot of calories per

tablespoon and when things get fried in it they absorb the oil so if you’re thinking that you’re patting them down and stuff you’re not because they’ve still absorbed all that oil and yeah i think a tablespoon of oil has like something like 200 calories in it so perhaps so yeah even me researching this i was like damn the dominoes but yeah have a great day and yes. …healthy takeaway food

4 Surprisingly Healthy FAST FOODS You Can Eat

  1. Dollar Menu Hamburgers

 Dollar Menu Hamburgers Ah, the classic dollar menu, a staple of everyone’s youth. Well the dollar menu can be useful into your adult years as well. If you’re looking for a snack, dollar menu hamburgers are the way to go. And no, not just because they’re

cheap. Value hamburgers are relatively low in calories. Take the Junior Hamburger from Wendy’s as an example. It’s only about 250 with one sandwich. A McDonald’s hamburger is just about the same. Sure, there’s saturated fat and sodium in both products,

but you’re also getting between 12 – 15 grams of protein, so that’s not terrible. Compare this to a Big Mac, which holds 550 calories in just the sandwich alone. We’re not even counting the fries and soda that usually come with it. While the dollar

hamburger is certainly a smarter choice, you should probably stick to eating one. The burgers are so tasty, you’ll become tempted quite easily, and the calories will add up. If you’re going for a dollar meal, try replacing fries with apples. I know a burger and

apples doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it, but it’s a healthier alternative to fatty, salty fries which will make your meal much worse for you. How often do you eat fast food? Once a week? Twice a month? Do you have it only a couple times a year? Sound off in the comment section, and start a conversation with our Bestie community…healthy takeaway food

Burrito Bowls

Burrito Bowls Who doesn’t love a good burrito from time to time? The problem is just how big they are! I’ve put takeout burritos in my passenger seat and felt my car tilt to the side! Burritos might be delicious to eat, but they are also extremely bready and full of

calories. Not to mention all the sodium you’re taking in. Just one beef and cheese burrito is almost 800 calories. In that, you have almost 90% of your saturated fat for the day, as well as 1500 mg of sodium. You’re also getting quite a few carbs. Almost 65 grams. This is close to a quarter of your daily recommended intake. While these carbs include quite a bit of protein, you’re also

getting some sugar. This is why a burrito bowl is the best alternative. That’s when you subtract the tortilla bread, and eat the toppings from a container. It’s pretty delicious. Now there are a million and one burrito chains out there, so I can’t really be specific. But generally, the average burrito bowl is less than 550 calories. In that, you’re getting around 30% less saturated fat,

and 10% less carbs. The sodium is perhaps where the biggest difference lies. A single burrito bowl holds just under 600 mg of sodium, so your heart might be thanking you after this one…..healthy takeaway food


Salads used to be the laughing stock of the fast food industry. I mean what kind of person eats a salad with their fatty hamburger? A person who’s watching their diet, that’s who! Now you may have heard recently that McDonald’s took away their salad. Why, you

ask? Your guess is as good as mine. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other fast food places that offer amazing salad sides. Take Wendy’s for example. A small side salad there is about 250 calories. Sure, you’re getting a decent amount of sodium, cholesterol,

and saturated fat. But at the same time, you’re also getting 3 grams of fiber. That’s over 11% of your suggested intake for the day. Fiber will have your digestive system moving quicker. It will also keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. And it’s not just

Wendy’s that offers this. There are countless other restaurants, big and small, that offer a salad side. There’s also a pretty wide

variety of salad choices. Some have moved far beyond the regular caesar salad. You can get chicken caesar, as well as Greek. Now, having a Greek salad at a fast food restaurant might be a little much for me, but it’s a heck of a lot better than a lot of the higher calorie items on the menu…….healthy takeaway food

Tuna Sandwich

Tuna Sandwich Now you won’t find this item at a lot of your local burger joints. But that doesn’t mean it’s off the market. There are

plenty of local delis and sandwich shops out there for you to try tuna sandwiches. Not to mention Subway! And yes, we’re counting that as fast food. A regular 6 inch tuna sandwich from Subway equals about 450 calories. In that, there’s about 23 grams of fat,

with 4 grams of saturated. Sure, you’re getting almost 30% of your sodium for the day, but you’re also getting a pretty significant boost of protein and fiber. If you decide to grab a tuna sandwich, make sure you’re loading it with the right toppings. This means

spinach, olives, green peppers and cucumber. They may not be your usual sandwich choices, but they’re a lot healthier than the usual contents. I’m talking about 20 different peppers, pickles, and sauces. Doesn’t exactly scream the word “healthy”. Before we

continue, I know I mentioned throwing away bread a minute ago. Well I mean the unhealthy kind… Check out our recent video on 11 Healthy Breads You Should Eat Regularly. Now back to our discussion on healthy fast food…….healthy takeaway food

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