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Police here in the German capital Berlin have come up against anti-lockdown protesters hundreds of people took part in marches in the city despite a court order banning such gatherings police in riot gear used pepper spray and physical force in an attempt to break up the demonstrations.

They’ve also detained a number of people the protests against coronavirus lockdowns in germany have attracted a mix of groups including anti-vaccination activists conspiracy theorists and the far right TRENDY REPORTER sparrow is at the brandenburg gate in the heart of berlin .

where the original protest was due to end TRENDY REPORTER what’s the situation there on the ground well the situation here is very diverse it has been tense throughout the day but unlike previous protests of this type there hasn’t been one centralized protest here we’ve been across different districts of berlin.


 You have seen pockets of protests there that the police have tried to disband but in general there hasn’t been that one very big protest that maybe the organizers had expected right here at the heart of berlin i spoke earlier with police spokes people.

who said that over 2 000 police officers were on duty and that their main matter of concern their main goal today was precisely to try and disband those protests or the groups of people who were actually coming here despite the fact that these

protests had been banned in advance out of concern for a possible increase in the number of coronavirus infections also because police consider that many of the people who normally take part in these protests do not respect.

These people unhappy about this is a very very diverse group of people one of their main issues is actually anti-coronavirus lockdown but as you mentioned all yourself in your introduction there’s also anti-vaxxers here there are people who also for

example dislike science or normal medicine what unites them all and that is something that has been said on various studies and reports on this is the fact that they are anti-establishment they are anti for example traditional parties anti science anti

traditional media and that is something that has united all these people here i’ve been to various of these approaches in the past few months and you can clearly see that it’s a very diverse group of people with very diverse goals.

 But in general they’re against the system as we know it here in germany uh but the lockdowns and restrictions are being eased so is this having any effect on this on this movement you could argue certainly that this movement is losing steam as

lockdowns are eased as a corona situation has improved in the last few months but as i stressed earlier one of the main components here is that it’s not entirely based on the coronavirus pandemic it is one of the main important uh points but it is not the only one so there are other views other analyses that point to the fact that this is a group that could develop even after the coronavirus pandemic ends ‘s TRENDY REPORTER sparrow reporting from the heart of berlin thank you

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