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Battlefield 2042 Beta Requirements, Preload Download Times & More

Battlefield 2042 Beta Requirements, Preload Download Times & More

Battlefield 2042 Beta Requirements, Preload Download Times & More: so the battlefield 2042 beta starts tomorrow for early access players, and then it’s open to all from October the 8th so let’s get you all the information you need on the eve of the big event starting things off right now you can preload the beta on all platforms that went live at 7 am UTC on the 5th of October for Xbox one ps4 ps5 Xbox series xns and pc I’ve already got mine

downloaded on pc but you’ve still got plenty of time before early access begins tomorrow on pc the download was roughly 18 gigabytes in size on ps5 it’s about 16.5 gigabytes on ps4 it’s 20.7 gigabytes on Xbox one it’s 9.3 gigabytes and on Xbox series x and s it’s 17.2 gigabytes now of course on pc you’ll also have to have up-to-date Nvidia or AMD graphics drivers in order to play the beta that depends on what GPU you’re using so for Nvidia graphics cards the latest driver is 472.12 and for AMD cards it’s 21.10.1 so check your

#Battlefield 2042 Beta Requirements#

software to see if you’ve got an update and get it updated if you need to and then whilst we’re here we’ll also quickly cover the pc minimum and recommended requirements so you know if your rig can run things on higher or lower settings the minimum requirements are an AMD ryzen 5 3600 or intel core i5 6600k CPU eight gigabytes of ram and either an NVidia gtx 1050 ti or an AMD RX 560 graphics card recommended requirements are an AMD ryzen 7 2700x or core i7 4790 CPU 16 gigabytes of ram and either an NVidia RTX 3060 or an AMD#Battlefield 2042 Beta Requirements#

RX 6600 xt graphics card so have a look there at the option to see where your rig fits in and you might be able to figure out whether you can run on low medium-high or ultra settings next the early access start time for the beta 7 am UTC on the 6th of October you can get early access to the beta you’ll be part of that group if you’ve already pre-ordered the game or if you’re a subscriber to a play you’ll get two days early access before the gates open#Battlefield 2042 Beta Requirements#

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and then anyone can download the beta and start playing on the 8th of October and according to the battlefield website the open section of the beta will run into the early hours of the 10th of October ending at 7 am UTC next thing to cover off is what content you’ll have access to in the beta ea dice has confirmed that the beta will consist of one map and one game mode that’s orbital on conquest if you’re on the ps5 Xbox series x or s and the pc you’ll be playing in crossplay-enabled 128 player servers on the ps4 and the Xbox One you’ll

also, be in cross-play enabled servers but only between ps4 and Xbox one and servers will be limited to 64 players that’s one of the very few limitations of running battlefield 2042 on the last generation of consoles the conquest game mode is a classic battlefield but it’s been slightly updated for battlefield 2042 replacing the older single flag capture points we now have sectors with multiple capture points within them you have to capture all the points within a sector and then you own that sector for your team and then there are multiple

sectors across the map if you own the most of those you will be dominating the game this has been done because the maps are that much bigger than previous battlefield games and there are more players per team than there were before the orbital map that you’re playing on is a huge rocket launch site where an actual rocket will take-off during a round or it gets destroyed either scenario can happen according to the developers and the tornado weather that can actually occur on this map as well kind of at the same time apparently it also like

gets mish-mashed together interesting to see what that looks like four specialists will be playable in the beta you’ve seen them before webster McKay maria falc Boris and Casper these are the ones that we’ve had the gameplay of up on Twitter recently and then when it comes to weaponry and vehicles dice hasn’t given out a huge amount of info here but as it’s a beta I’m guessing we’ll see a reduced number of options compared to what will be#Battlefield 2042 Beta Requirements#

present in the final game so that about covers everything you need to know for the battlefield 2042 beta super exciting times this time tomorrow the early access portion of the beta will have already kicked off and you and many others will be getting hands-on with battlefield 2042 for the first time for more battlefield 2042 videos and streams make sure you hit that subscribe button and if this video helped you then drop alike as well I’ll catch you in the next one

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