Afghan women protest against Taliban in front of Pakistan Embassy today

Afghan women protest against taliban infront of Pakistan Embassy

The Taliban saves Afghanistan they impose restrictions on women who successfully borrow to get out of their homes but Afghan women have nothing to do with protesting on the streets for their rights and freedoms and for fighting the Taliban and Pakistan. A group of Afghan women gathered

outside the Pakistani ambassador to the Afghan capital continue to march despite being punished Afghan women holding placards and chanting anti-Pakistani slogans and expressing support for the Taliban anti-Taliban province in panchayat women say they do not want Pakistani agencies

Afghan women protest against Taliban Infront Pakistan Embassy
women protest against Taliban in front Pakistan Embassy trendy news

government in Afghanistan is protesting because we don’t want a dictatorial government we don’t want isis government they are interfering in the civil war of our country we are protesting to support women and come here to support the anti-state front

Taliban soon responded violently t shows people fleeing safety amid a Taliban bombing attempt to send the news to the media through anti-Pakistani rallies The camera workers’ cameras were confiscated and they were actually beaten journalists were arrested and protesters Afghanistan cover covering the protest.

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