Lionel Messi’s tearful farewell last ending to Barcelona

Lionel Messi’s tearful farewell last ending to Barcelona

The Argentine footballer Lionel Messi has delivered a tearful farewell to Barcelona the Spanish club he joined at the age of just 13. Messi held a news conference to mark the two end of his two decades at Barcelona helping them win 34 trophies including 10

Spanish and 4ua for champions league titles the club said that it was letting him go because it could not afford to pay his wages the 34 year old did not say what he planned to do next but acknowledged that he moved to Paris Saint-Germain was a possibility he

also expressed his deep affection for the club where he’d spent so much of his life many beautiful things happen to me here bad too but all this helped me to grow improve and make me the person i am today .

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we’ve had very good moments bad ones too but the affection of the people has been constant i always felt it the recognition the love i felt it towards them too and the club and will do all my life i hope oh real emotional farewell there let’s cross over to the bbc

sports centre to speak to gavin ramjima who joins us live gavin and when we say emotional this really was linda messi there saying farewell goodbye to his boyhood club and he was in tears sobbing away yeah it really is you know a site that a lot of barcelona fans

thought they would never seen a lot of football fans as well you know he flirted with leaving last season and it didn’t happen ended up staying and committing his future there for the foreseeable future anyhow and there was a change of presidency la porter came in and um you know restored his faith in in the vision of the club uh effectively and you know the reason.

  • Lionel Messi’s tearful farewell last ending to Barcelona
  • Lionel Messi’s tearful farewell last ending to Barcelona

 why he is going is effectively they can’t afford him anymore the financial fair play rules uh governing varsa’s wage structure uh in line with uh rules for la liga i mean they can’t keep him he’s you know the highest played player in the world by by quite a bit actually he offered to take a 50 pay cut uh to stay and boss i thought they could get that through but it just wasn’t possible and so

therefore they have to uh to shed him from their books they have a lot of high paid players in their ranks you know antoine griezmann being one of them wismond and ballet so there’s a lot of you know money being sacked up in the wage but messi is a

casualty of that if you like uh he’s been there since he was 13 you know it’s his boyhood club scored over 672 goals for the team it’s the the most goal scored for a single club by a player in all competitions in the top five european leagues um and yeah it’s it’s

it’s a site i don’t think many people thought they would ever see really messy leaving BER CLUB a standing ovation there in his final press conference and you know his family is settled there he was saying his family his kids are there you know.

  it’s it’s home for him it’s home for him and he uh hasn’t experienced another club outside of BER CLUB in in his life so this is going to be very strange uh to see messi in another football kit you know we thought it might happen last year but is going to be happening this time around and it’s perhaps going to be psg as a lot of people are intimating and you know the reports are coming

out in the french press that he’s due to have a medical there very very soon indeed and um we wait and see what happens with

that but uh yeah messi to leave barcelona an emotional scenes there oh really emotional you’re talking about the the team shedding shedding the team but he’s shedding the tears there he’s got to go down as one of the greatest players doesn’t he oh

absolutely yeah there’s no doubt about it they refer to him as the goat on on social media and widely around you know as the

greatest of all time that stands for um there isn’t anyone who has set more records at BER CLUB than messi the most goals most appearances the most titles uh you know the most ball on doors you know it’s the list goes on uh this is the man who has set.


trends set records he has set the standard for how football should be played around the world he is absolutely mesmeric to watch it’s it’s one of he’s one of the greatest of uh i’ve ever seen actually in terms of you know you go through the ages you look at

players like pele and people like maradona and you compare people like messi to them and he is in that bracket because he’s just absolutely wonderful to watch and it barcelona wouldn’t be the same club without him he’s effectively brought them to his level

 he’s won so much with them four champions league titles he did say he would have liked to have won more champions league titles but you know he goes away winning ten la ligas with basa um it’s going to be a humongous loss to them but you look at

where he could potentially go paris saint-germain looks the most likely destination in europe and and probably perhaps the club.

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