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Haiti Earthquake-Death toll reach to 14k today

Haiti Earthquake-Death toll reach to 14k today 

Haiti are racing to provide food water and shelter to survivors of Saturday’s earthquake before a major tropical storm hits the country death toll more than 1400 people are known to have died after the quake struck on Saturday the problems are even more acute in remote areas our correspondent James clayton managed to travel to the town of le cay to the south west of the

epicenter and he sent this report many of these people were asleep when the earthquake hit their homes caving in it’s hard enough to treat survivors of any natural disaster but when the hospitals themselves are under fear of collapse it makes it all

the more difficult well this hospital is simply too unsafe to have people stay inside so they brought everyone outside here and they’ve tried to place them under trees under tents to try and keep them a little bit cooler and out of the hot sun but what

you’re seeing here is 48 hours after the quake the doctors have run out of painkillers they’ve run out of antibiotics and there are major concerns about things like infection  Elsie had just woken up when the earthquake hit her son has a serious

compound fracture and needs to be taken to the airport to be lifted out seeing him in such pain is overwhelming there simply aren’t enough facilities to treat people in this remote part of the country from the hospital some of the injured are taken to

this airport waiting for a flight out to the capital Port-au-Prince like 19-year-old Tanya who’s pregnant so you woke up and basically tried to run out but then the house collapsed on top of her she says her leg hurts and she has abdominal pain most

of the hospitals here are in need of the basics iv solutions bandages medications including antibiotics and pain management medications they’re in the same situation where they’ve run out overall it’s dire you know we’re sitting here with three

hospitals that are moving patients to the airport for transportation out there’s no coordination a tropical storm here is also preventing flights in and out of the capital the people here need help but at the moment not enough is coming James clayton.

Haiti Earthquake-Death toll reach to 14k today

medical supplies to the injured people after earthquakes

Medical personnel and head to some of the hardest hit regions then they’ll transport some critically wounded patients back here to Port-au-Prince and we should warn you some of the images you’re about to see are tough to watch but Haiti’s prime minister has declared a state of emergency after one of the most powerful earthquakes this country has ever seen this

morning a country in crisis people tearing through rubble to find any signs of life after a monstrous 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Saturday devastated southwest Haiti the death toll now soaring to nearly 1300 with more than 5 000 people

hurt many seriously people just started screaming everywhere on the streets and just out of you know panic and fear the massive quake flattening buildings across Haiti’s southern peninsula triggering landslides that cut off access to some smaller

communities families who lost their homes are now sleeping on nearby soccer fields hospitals already pushed to the brink by the coveted pandemic forced to set up triage centers outside people in desperate need of aid evacuated by air to Port-au-

Prince an international effort to help is now underway the US  sending a 65-person search and rescue team from Virginia at the request of the Haitian government the US  coast guard is also helping airlift the injured overall how significant is the

devastation in that part of the island it’s a pretty significant scope of damage a substantial amount of work to be done this is the latest devastation for a country that has never fully recovered from an earthquake in 2010 that killed as many as 300

000 people Haiti is also already dealing with political chaos sparked by the brazen assassination of its president last month and now tropical storm grace is forecast to hit Haiti by tomorrow bringing punishing rain that could lead to flash flooding and

new mudslides yet another blow to a country in crisis now this earthquake was actually more powerful than the one in 2010 that killed a quarter million people but the difference was is that its epicenter was in the southwestern part of the country a

much more rural area now there are new concerns though that tropical depression grace could bring torrential rain and the potential for more mudslides further complicating the search .

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