Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety?

Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety?

Hi again this is Magdalene of Schillaci I’m a certified nutrition coach and a founder of hormones balance. so you’re here because of mood huh let me guess, what this means to you it’s likely that you’re dealing with depression or an onset of depression, loneliness anxiety feeling.

   you’re probably dealing with mood swings and bouts of anger or it could be that you’re feeling even that the smallest thing flips you out and you can’t deal with the minor adversities. you might be feeling this way all this time or just before your period. what have I told you that PMS is not a given?

 I would also guess that this impacts your life in a huge way when I remove fluctuates and impacts as much as the people we love and care about feeling down. can have a profound impact on our self-esteem in how we show up as a mom wife friend colleague boss or a partner, have you heard of

projecting you know how we project our own moods and feelings, and thoughts and perceptions on other people and it looks like it’s all about them. and not us when we feel depressed it feels like the whole world is uninspiring and not worth connecting with. If you feel angry it feels like every person around us is doing something

to piss us off. what if I told you that this is not you and you’re not your personality this is not who you are you’re not meant to be and it’s not your fault you know why. because it could be your hormones yeah you heard me right it could be your hormones. you can manage them better

to stabilize your mood. there are many hormones that can impact your mood. and if you want to find out what they could be I encourage you to take the hormones balance quiz. we develop just down below the page well you may find out a things that your doctor has never told you in fact, I won’t be surprised

if your doctor is only answer is antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication the reality is they don’t really improve the quality of life unless you’re clinically depressed you can’t suppress sadness in the brain without also suppressing joy sex drive and that’s without Sun for life now .

Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety?
Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety?

Hormones And Neurotransmitters:

There are various hormones and neurotransmitters that can impact your brain function and hence

your mood you know where they are high and low cortisol levels and that’s due to chronic stress low progesterone levels high or low estrogen levels high androgens like DHEA and testosterone which are male hormones high or low neurotransmitters like dopamine serotonin norepinephrine yes I know it’s a lot of hormone talk here and you may have heard of

them but you don’t really have to know them and it’s okay because it’s not really your job to understand them what I want you to know at this point is that hormones I essentially chemical messengers and they transport signals from one cell to another hormones are produced by a number of glands such as the thyroid ovaries pituitary

gland pancreas adrenals but also the digestive tract as much as the body fat tissue the Andorran system is like this beautiful orchestra when it plays well it’s all marvelous we feel energetic positive fulfilled we carry healthy weight the same as in the orchestra analogy when one instrument is off the whole music performance is off right well our

hormones work exactly the same way just one imbalance can create havoc in our human body it’s a complex system and I don’t plan to go into details at this point but you can rather easy find out what your imbalance is by looking at the symptoms .

Hormones Balance Quiz:

This is why we designed a hormones balance quiz once you know what’s

going on you can start taking action to get your emotional and mental health back on track take the quiz to get the results right away you can also sign up to my website to have these results email to you.

 Hormones Balanced Starter Kit:

the starter kit will give you clear solutions on the first steps

you can take to address some of your hormonal issues you will learn about things like making changes in nutrition lifestyle changes emotional adjustments they’ll help you start feeling happy and Suzie astok about life and fulfilled in your relationships as a woman having dealt with high cortisol levels Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which is a low thyroid autoimmune condition estrogen dominance

yet having a full on advertising career I know firsthand what it means to face the press and anxiety and I want to help you to get out of this rut so go ahead take the quiz and get to work see you on the other side you.

Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety?

what is hormonal imbalance?

we’re going to talk about hormonal imbalance I’m going to give you some very important principles there’s two points I want to bring up on this number one it takes the tremendous amount of problem the body for a hormone to show up out of balance so just because your hormones aren’t are normal it doesn’t really necessarily mean you’re fully fully healthy okay

so that’s step number one especially with the adrenal gland when the adrenal glands are just dysfunctional yep literally you have to be 90 percent that of that Drina husband has to be dysfunctional and unless until it shows up on a clinically so it doesn’t show up until far in advanced stages and there’s also subclinical things which is things that are below the radar

and you’d have to look at all the symptoms for a particular condition not just blood tests a lot of times people in their mind it unless they have a blood test you know they’re healthy unless the blood tests show abnormal then they start worrying about it so you might go to the doctor and they might go okay come back in six months we’ll keep checking this blood test

over and over and over until you have the condition and then they treat it so that’s step one you can’t always go just on hormone tests okay number one number two let’s pretend that you do have a hormone imbalance so you have a deficiency of the thyroid hormone

whatever what do people do they take a thyroid hormone right it sounds logical but what causes this problem that’s what’s missed you have to ask what causes a slow thyroid what

causes a deficiency in an estrogen or an excess of insulin or excess of cortisol or any of these hormones that’s really what’s missing in medicine is the understanding of why what they do is they treat it directly they treat the hormone deficiency so if you’re low in a hormone they’ll

give you the hormone prescription and then you’re imagining supposed to be better what then when you stop taking it you go back to take it again doesn’t make sense to me so let me give you a little background number one hormones are communications they’re messages

just like I’m communicating to you right now you’re listening through your ears right now you have little receptors here and then you understand.

//Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety?// Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety? Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety? Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety? Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety?

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

 you just feel hot hotter than you normally would sometimes that can be a symptom of a hormone imbalance hot flashes that’s an obvious one night sweats this is a big one if you wake up in the middle of night and you’re drenched in sweat sometimes this can mean that

something is going on with your hormones depression something is not right with your lifestyle so the best way to get your hormones in balance is to simply have a healthy lifestyle so what does that look like appropriate exercise I can’t stress this enough appropriate okay so

exercising too much can cause lots of problems and it can be reflected in your hormones and of course not being an active at all can cause issues with your hormones but let’s talk about exercising too much when you apply too much stress on the body you can cause cortisol to

rise and imbalances in hormones like progesterone and estrogen and a lot of you fitness fanatics out there you just like to beat yourself up a lot in the gym if you’re noticing hormone imbalances and you’re working out like a maniac sometimes scaling back on your

workouts for a few months you can get those things to balance out a little bit diet eating too little calories or eating too little carbohydrates too little proteins and too little fats can

actually cause hormone imbalances now of course  overeating can do the same thing but that one also is accompanied by the obvious symptom of just being very overweight but if you’re not excessively overweight and you look at your diet you’re like you know what my carbs

are super low all the time or my fat intake isn’t adequate or my protein is super low sometimes bumping  then lastly make sure you have good relationships stressful relationships can cause issues with your hormones as well so get rid of all those toxic people

alright so let’s talk about the hormones that you might want to go get tested if you think you have a hormone imbalance the obvious ones estrogen and progesterone there’s a balance between those  listed and you end up testing yourself during different times during your

cycle so you can see when you’re supposed to have high levels of some hormones and low levels of others and the beginning and in the middle of your cycle and we have a discount for you if you go to the Everly well website use the code.

Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety? Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression and Anxiety?

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